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The Valley Group Zoom meeting link changed

If you had previously bookmarked the link to the Zoom meeting for the Wednesday night Speaker meeting at The Valley Group, you need to update your book mark. Because Zoom changed a policy, the meeting is now forced to have a password, or else you cannot join early and just talk with your friends.

The password is “embedded” within the link. So clicking the new link takes you in to the meeting without having to actually type the password. But if you had saved the old link in a “bookmark”, well that will prompt you for password that had never been defined before.

New Zoom password for 8:10-8:40 Mon and Fri Valley Group Book Study (and group name change)

The name of the online meeting has changed from “ABC Group – Book Study” to “8:10-8:40 Mon and Fri Valley Group Book Study”.

Because of a change in Zoom policy, the link to the meeting is different now than what you might have had before. There is a change in behavior that Zoom is pushing, where you don’t get to join the meeting and just talk with people before the meeting, unless the meeting has a password. The link has changed to embed the password so that you don’t have to type it.

But if you had previously bookmarked the link, you need to update your bookmark.