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GSR Meeting on October 5 will be online (only) via Zoom

This next GSR meeting will be online via Zoom.

All groups should have a GSR, who then represents their group to the group concious which decides how A.A. World Services in New York, and California Northern Interior Area (Area 07) should go. The commitment is one monthly meeting, and three assemblies (Winter Assembly, Pre-conference Assembly, and Post-conference Assembly). The assemblies are out of town, although your group or District 47 may be able to provide some financial assistance.

At the link above, you have the GSR meeting agenda for October, minutes from the last meeting, a flyer for the Mini PRAASA October 14 – 16 in Yuba City, and a letter from the Finance Committee chair, a Motion to Amend the rules regarding Flexibility in Approved Spending, and Summary Information on our Prudent Reserve.

Hope to see you at the GSR meeting. 🙂

Bridging The Gap (BTG) Zoom meeting tonight (Wednesday the 31st)

If you have an interest in service with Bridging The Gap (BTG), the area monthly meeting will be tonight on Zoom.

What is Bridging The Gap? This is the group of A.A. members who sign up to greet people fresh out of an institution, and take them to a meeting. Sometimes there is a gap between someone getting out of an institution and getting in to a meeting. We want the hand of A.A. to always be there, so we organize volunteers to meet and greet. (Men meet men, Women meet women).

If you would like to know more about BTG, please attend tonight’s Zoom meeting.

Inactive meetings taken off the Meeting Guide app

A.A. World Services is looking to publish a new version of the Meeting Guide app, which will provide support for multiple filter selection. They did ask the web site servants to delete the meetings which are still in the “Location Temporarily Closed” state.


Fifteen meetings have been moved to the trash bin. If your meeting vanished from the Meeting Guide app, you were relying on our ability to read your mind: not a good bet! Let us know, and we will “un-delete” the meeting.