Founder’s Day Picnic planning committee meeting, Wednesday, May 29, at 7:00 PM

Would you like to volunteer to help with our Founder’s Day Picnic? Our Founder’s Day Picnic will be June 8, 2024. The Founder’s Day Picnic is always an enjoyable event, with food, fun, and fellowship. You can help with that too! 🙂

We will have six planning meetings between now and then, every two weeks. The planning meeting will be in-person, at the Central Office, 449 E Maple St in Exeter. But also, you can join via Zoom.

We already have some service positions filled, but many more are still available. Please don’t hesitate to call Carol Ann at the Central Office (559) 592-6999, or David G at (559) 300-9811 (if you aren’t in David G’s contacts list, you’ll have to leave a voicemail) or John W at (559) 281-3744.