Your voice and the General Service Conference: Feedback due soon

Although the District 47 Pre- Conference Service Fair was prevented by COVID-19 precautions, you can still make your opinions known through your group’s GSR (General Service Representative).  Some of the topics on the agenda are here: General Service Conference Feedback

Items include:

  • Change Contribution Percentages in the “Pie Chart” on Page 12 of “Self-Support: Where Money and Spirituality Mix”
  • Proposal to Change the Gendered Pronouns in the A.A. Preamble
  • Requests Concerning the Big Book’s Accessibility and Relatability
  • Consider Requests to Revise the Big Book
  • Consider Proposals Related to a Possible Fifth Edition of the Big Book
  • Discuss a Request “to Create a New Form of Communication” to Address Anonymity on Social Media
  • Discuss a Request to Develop a Plan to Create an A.A. Podcast
  • and any other thing you think we need to bring before the entire A.A. membership