Print Version of Meeting Schedule

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We are looking at options to switch over to new formats. New software is available, which pulls the meeting schedule data from the Meeting Guide App data directly, instead of having to update the traditional printed meeting schedule manually. Here are some samples:

Single column format 2Single column format 2
Dual column format 2Dual column format 2
Triple column format 2Triple column format 2
Format 2 samples

Single column format 1Single column format 1
Dual column format 1Dual column format 1
Triple column format 1Triple column format 1
Format 1 samples

It might not be obvious what the difference between Format 1 and Format 2 are. I’ve done some highlighting to show it:

Format 1 is shown per day, city shown first, sorted by time:

Format 2 is shown per day, sorted by time:

If you have any feedback on these samples, please let your CSR know, or contact Central Office directly.

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