Feedback on Closing Prayer at the Big Meetings at the International Convention

The AA International Convention Planning Team is asking for your opinion about the 2025 Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia. We want to know the preferences of the Fellowship regarding methods of closing the Big Meetings at the International Convention.

Click here to participate in the survey.

There are three questions in the survey, and a fourth option for feedback.

The survey closes December 15, 2022.

Inactive meetings taken off the Meeting Guide app

A.A. World Services is looking to publish a new version of the Meeting Guide app, which will provide support for multiple filter selection. They did ask the web site servants to delete the meetings which are still in the “Location Temporarily Closed” state.


Fifteen meetings have been moved to the trash bin. If your meeting vanished from the Meeting Guide app, you were relying on our ability to read your mind: not a good bet! Let us know, and we will “un-delete” the meeting.

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