CNIA Winter Assembly is this weekend (online)

California Northern Interior Area 07 (CNIA 07) has an annual Winter Assembly this weekend, January 15 and 16. The Winter Assembly is where the General Service Representatives (GSRs) from any Area 07 group gather to discuss ideas for AA. Any AA member can attend, but if a vote needs to be taken, only your group’s GSR may vote.

The GSR Preamble

We are the General Service Representatives. We are the link in the chain of communications for our groups with the General Service Conference and the world of AA.

We realize the Ultimate Authority in A.A. as a Loving God as He may express Himself in our Group Conscience. As trusted servants, our job is to bring information to our groups in order that groups can reach an informed group conscience. In passing along this group conscience, we are helping to maintain the unity and strength so vital to our fellowship.

Let us therefore, have the patience and tolerance to listen while others share, the courage to speak up when we have something to share, and the wisdom to do what is right for our groups and A.A. as a whole.

GSR Meeting this Wednesday – documents updated

The monthly General Service Meeting is held the first Wednesday of the month. If you group does not have a General Service Representative (GSR) but would like to be a part of the decision making process within AA, your group should elect a GSR and send them to this meeting. This meeting is via Zoom.

Documents were updated on the meeting event: Agenda, Minutes of the last meeting, the flyer for the CNIA 07 Winter Assembly, and the General Service 411 event on January 22.

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